Hi I’m Daniel!

You are probably wondering who I am and what this website is all about? Basically, my motivation and the main topic of this website can be summarized in one thought:

Children should be given a secure start in life, and that is especially true for finances. Because: Money doesnt make you happy. But no money always makes you unhappy.

If you would like to find out more about me and my motivation for this website, please read on!

My Story

Me and my wife work as soldiers in higher administrative positions in Germany. As a soldier you quickly get used to higher salaries in comparison to a common job. It was therefore clear to us, that our financial future is secured – at least that was what we thought. We worked hard to provide good service to our country in our jobs. However, in our free time, we wanted to use our financial resources to relax, have fun and enjoy life together. So we spent money on beautiful things including a great car, going out regularly, good clothing, vacation, etc.

One day we wanted to buy a house. We went to the bank with high expectations and asked for advice on how our dream could be financed. Nowadays you have to present all of your finances to the bank to get a loan (at least in Germany). And suddenly the bank clerk said something that really shocked me: “Well, every month you earn so much money, but in fact, you have really little money in your bank account. For us that is not a good sign that you have saved such a little amount.“ And that was true! So far it hadn’t really bothered me, that we hardly had any money at the end of the month, up to that day. Because then it dawned upon on me: We have not yet dealt intensively with the topic of money. And that fact disturbed me a lot, because I had even studied business administration with a master´s degree beforehand. So I was pretty confident, that my knowledge of money was pretty sufficient. But why was I so wrong?

I studied Business Administration. But you are not taught how to use it or how to handle money properly!

Then I started to educate myself intensively about that topic. I’ve read all the books I’ve found, german and english ones. I have been coached by different finance experts and after a while, I felt like I was on another level. I understood something fundamental that is hardly mentioned in our society. You have to plan your finances!

Afterwards, I noticed with our younger soldiers, that they were making absolutely the same mistakes we did before. They basically got a lot of money right from the beginning of their careers, but many of them were actually young people who were heavily in debt. Why? They get a lot of money very early in their life, but they don’t know how to deal with it. So they quickly buy e.g. expensive cars, which often have huge follow-up costs. And then they get caught in the debt trap and don’t know what to do next. They now turned to me because they noticed that I had dealt with the topic. And then I noticed:

I was able to really help them with their financial problems. But in fact, people should learn about money much earlier.

During my research, I noticed that there is a lack of monetary education in our education system. And in elementary school it is not mentioned at all. Therefore, it must be the parents‘ responsibility to educate their children properly. But parents often do not know how to handle finances themselves or they do not know how to pass it on to their children correctly. If I couldn’t even learn the proper way to handle money by studying business administration, how are other parents supposed to get a sufficient knowledge of the subject? This was an eye-opener to me.

That’s why I see it as my responsibility to help parents to bring their children closer to the topic of financial education.

The world of financial literature is heavily focused on adults. In addition, most sources are very difficult to understand and therefore seem very overwhelming and thus uninteresting, especially for children and teenagers. I want to simplify this complexity and give clear recommendations for easy-to-understand literature for all ages.

I want to guide you to pragmatically teach your child how to handle money!

These are the questions answered on my website:

At what age should financial education start?

How should I structure pocket money?

What should I start with?

How do I explain those complex concepts?

Do the children have dreams that they would like to fulfill and how can we achieve that?

How do I plan finances correctly?

How can I educate myself to be a great money-rolemodel“ for my kids?

Meanwhile – apart from my soldiers – I look after a dozen of children of friends. I am, so to speak, a mentor of money. And up to now I’ve seen a lot of successes.

That is my big motivation why I built this website. I want to share this with you. Being successful with money is a right everybody in the world posses and should take advantage of.

And now it is your turn! Take a look at my website and make use of the great knowledge here. Don’t waste time and give yourself and your children a secure financial future!

Best regards,