Financial Education Books

– For Kids –

1st Rank:

Finance 101 For Kids

by Walter Andal

Financial Education

The author of the first place in our test for financial children’s books noticed that the supply in this segment is rather sparse. There are hardly any books that convey good basic financial knowledge in such a way that it can be applied to the actual life situations of the children. Therefore, he decided to develop a book himself in order to meet his ideas of good financial education for his children. The result is a great all-rounder that explains the topic of finance in a way that is suitable for children and easy to understand. In addition to the principles of saving and investing, the book also deals with the origins of money. Furthermore, this book covers the topic of  the danger of loans and the importance of giving back. Valuable financial basics for young children are presented in an entertaining and easy to read manner. Highly recommended for your child reading it alone or together with his parents.

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2nd Rank:

The Kids´ Money Book

by Jamie Kyle McGillian

Financial Education

Second place in our test goes to the book by Jamie Kyle McGillian, which is a slightly more advanced book for children. Surely it covers the basics of making money, saving and investing, but it also goes into great depth. Especially more modern aspects, such as Bitcoins, credit cards or entrepreneurship, might be a bit daunting for some young readers at first. Here, as a parent, you have to decide for yourself whether your child is „ready“ for that content. The book reveals an interesting tip on how the reader is forced to think before an ill-considered expense and the differences between wanting and needing are clearly distinguished. The quizzes at the end of each chapter contribute to the reading fun by constantly checking what has been learned.

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3rd Rank:

The Everything Kids Money Book

by  J.D. Brette McWhorter Sember

Financial Education

The third place in our comparison presents itself as a workbook for children, as it has many practical parts for the young readers. For example, it explains how to set up your own first small business or how to clean up old penny coins. In this manner, the children are introduced to the topic of finances in a playful and fun way. In addition to more historical topics such as history or the production of money, it is explained, that the piggy bank belongs to the past and instead modern financial technology are discussed, such as online banking, compound interests on savings or opening a bank account. In between, the book is always entertaining and motivates its readers with little games, anecdotes or little experiments.

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4th Rank:

Milton The Money Savvy Pup

by Jamie A. Bosse

Financial Education

Our test also has something in store for the very young. This book is about the dog Milton, who is crazy about bacon. In the form of a wonderfully told story, he is faced with the choice of whether he should spend his money on dog bones right away, or whether he should rather save his money so that he can treat himself to the extremely tasty bacon later. Excellently illustrated, the book conveys a clear message to young readers and lays an important foundation for a healthy relationship with money at a young age. Surely, the book does not go into depth and does not explain complex facts, this is not the intention at all, rather it is the aim of the book to sensitize and prepare children for the topic of money and its handling. Because of the entertaining nature and the beautiful pictures, the book serves excellently as a good-night story before going to bed.

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5th Rank:

Let´s Meet Ms. Money

by Rich Grant

Financial EducationFifth place in our financial education for kids comparison is also aimed at the younger ones. In the form of a picture book, a school lesson with Ms. Money is presented, in which the subject of money is dealt with. The children are taught in a playful way how to count the different types of money. In addition, the lesson explains what money is needed for, that there are reasonable expenses and less useful expenses and how to distinguish between them. The fact that you have to earn your money hard is also explained and examples are even given of how adults and children can earn money themselves. Finally the young reader is taught that one should save a part of his money and not spend it on unwise consumption. A very successful children’s book to give the little ones a feeling for the topic of money.

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