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1st Rank:

Money Master the Game

by Tony Robbins

Financial Education

The first place of this book in our financial education for parents comparison should surprise some readers, since Tony Robbins is better known as a personal trainer and motivation coach. However, this is exactly the advantage of this book. Tony Robbins has interviewed many of the greats of the financial world (Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn, Ray Dalio and others) and has brought together their in-depth financial knowledge. He has used this extensive knowledge base to derive practical strategies for everyone, show detailed tactics to improve their financial skills and to get closer to financial independence. Whether it’s the organization of your finances, the financial preparation for retirement or the clever investment of your money in the right financial products, the very comprehensive book covers every aspect that you can use as a beginner, but also offers extremely interesting aspects for advanced readers and professionals. With the help of this book you can use the knowledge of the leading financial personalities for your own financial wisdom and well-being.

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2nd Rank:

The Millionaire Next Door

by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko

Financial Education

The millionaire next door described in this book is the stark contrast to the conventional stereotype of a millionaire. He doesn’t drive one of his three luxury sports cars to the most expensive high-society shopping center to buy overpriced brand clothes for his children. Rather, he is a down-to-earth guy who drives a used car, spends a lot of time with his family and despises the exaggerated senseless consumption. This is what the authors of the book found out in the course of their research when they interviewed numerous millionaires in the USA about their habits and their daily lives. It also became clear in this study that most millionaires are not rich heirs, but oftenly come from poorer backgrounds. They have mostly achieved their wealth through hard work, disciplined savings, a frugalistic lifestyle and a solid financial education. Thus, this book shows what financial skills are actually needed to build a fortune, contrary to public opinion. A helpful tool for adapting one’s way of thinking to that of real millionaires.

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3rd Rank:

Get a Financial Life

by Beth Kobliner

Financial education

This financial education book is written mainly for 20 to 30 year olds who are at the beginning of their careers and want to extend their financial education or to get started with it. Since the financial world is not easy to understand, especially for beginners, due to its complexity and very theoretical nature, Beth Kobliner has placed her focus on conveying facts in an easily understandable way and making her knowledge accessible to all groups of readers. She does not spend too much time explaining, but rather deals with the practical implementation of numerous financial tips and strategies. The spectrum ranges from getting out of the debt trap to arranging one’s own finances to smart investing and a long-term planning horizon. A very successful practical guide that is not only interesting for readers in their twenties but also a great gift idea for young school graduates or college students.

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4th Rank:

Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together

by Rachel Richards

Financial Education

Adult life is exhausting enough anyway, in addition you have to take care of your financial situation, which does not make it any easier. Therefore Rachel Richards has set herself the goal of providing financial education in a fun way. She focuses on understandable explanations of complex financial mechanisms, money hacks that are easy to implement and many tips to have as much fun while doing so. Her motivational writing style always keeps you in the topic and brings you to action. In order to make it even more uncomplicated, she has identified 7 practical steps to „get your financial shit together“, so that even those who need detailed step-by-step advice will be able to follow a structured plan. At first glance it is a book that is written for a younger generation, but undoubtedly can be recommended for all ages. In summary, you will learn about strategies that are easy to digest and implement in order to get closer to your financial goals with a lot of fun.

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5th Rank:

The Capitalist Code

by Ben Stein

Financial EducationAs the last book in our comparison, we picked out a somewhat special copy. In the USA Ben Stein is known as an economic expert, actor, comedian and writer who is considered an entertaining icon in the business world. In this book Stein explains the system of capitalism in a very refreshing, easy-to-understand way. He makes it clear that this system should not be understood as our enemy. Rather, capitalism offers the ordinary citizen many opportunities to participate in the overall success of the economy. All you need for that is financial knowledge and an understanding of the system. The author explains how to invest cleverly and let your money work for you. He paves the way to leave the supposed victim role behind and use the possibilities of capitalism. Very worth reading and entertaining book, which beside all financial tips also dares to take a look outside the box.

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