Financial Literature

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Baker’s Dirty Dozen

Financial LiteratureBaker’s Dirty Dozen was written by Joe Baker and Lindsey Jordan Baker. The book ranks in the financial literature category with good reason. The authors-couple explain clearly how to be economically independent. In doing so, one does not use any mathematical formulas or complicated theories, but brings the principles to the point in a structured and easily understandable manner. This guide book is suitable for young and older readers. It is never too late to turn to financial literature. A self-help book that is really helpful and holds simultaneously funny anecdotes. For this reason, too, you don’t want to put the book down as soon as you start reading. The book is based on the authors‘ personal financial experiences over the past 21 years. The book in English and with 280 pages is a real best seller.

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Financial LiteratureThe book „WINNING“ with the subtitle „The Financial Planning Game“ teaches the basics of healthy personal finances. Learn how to develop your own financial plan and how to achieve your personal goals. Think about your retirement and develop healthy financial leeway in old age. Ethan Schmidt brings you concise and clear information on these topics. The author writes very entertaining and for this reason the book never gets boring. Numerous customers have read „WINNING“ and can already show visible successes after a short time. Get this book now and take control of your (financial) life. You can finally manage your finances on your own and claim every success for yourself. Don’t let the number of pages in this book fool you. A lot of know-how and knowledge is contained on the 58 pages!

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3rd Rank:

Get Good with Money

Financial LiteratureDo you already know Tiffany Aliche? Ms. Aliche is a real expert on financial literature and therefore America’s Favorite Financial Educator for a reason. She is also called „The Budgetnista“. With the book „Get Good with Money“, the successful author presents 10 tips on how to save your finances. Create financial security and ensure a certain inner serenity. Because once you have settled your financial matters, life will be a lot easier. The author presents interesting und realistic goals that can be achieved with small measures. Review your spending and that you are living a decent lifestyle based on your income. Take advantage of the many pieces of advice and action steps from this book and automate the payment of your bills, measures to save or invest. „Get Good with Money“ is worth buying!

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4th Rank:

The Common Path to Uncommon Success

Financial LiteratureThere is more with the book „The Common Path to Uncommon Success“. With his work, John Lee Dumas primarily addresses entrepreneurs who want to be free to choose their finances, place of residence and lifestyle. To achieve these goals, unusual success should be suitable. After reading „The Common Path to Uncommon Success“, you will be free from doubt and fear and you will find a clear path to fulfill your financial freedom. There is nothing wrong with learning from the mistakes of other entrepreneurs. Don’t make the same mistakes as many others, get it right! With this financial literature-book you are guaranteed to succeed in this project. If the name John Lee Dumas sounds familiar to you, then that’s not surprising. The author is the presenter of the award-winning podcast „Entrepreneurs on Fire“. So he knows what he’s writing about!

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5th Rank:

We Should All Be Millionaires

We Should All Be Millionaires„We Should All Be Millionaires“ was written by Rachel Rodgers. She is a mother of 4 children and works as a lawyer and entrepreneur. So it is not surprising that her guide is primarily aimed at women and mothers. Her goal is to help people and make them financially independent. According to the author, it is not always easy for women in the financial world, after all, only 10 percent of the millionaires in the world are women. But not only women benefit from this financial literature: Find out why making money is not bad or selfish, but keeps the economy in balance. Also, after reading this book, you will know why the past financial advices have become obsolete and why you need to set your own goals higher. After all, it’s not enough to just make $ 100,000 a year! Only those who set themselves high goals will achieve something. Are you curious now? Then you should order now and read through „We Should All Be Millionaires“ as soon as possible.

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Financial Literature

Financial literature is needed today more than ever. The financial and economic world is becoming more and more complex and more and more people do not know how to provide for the future financially best. In this context, financial literacy should be mentioned. It is about the ability to successfully take care of your own finances and to plan for financial independence in the long term. If you want to learn more about financial literature, then you should definitely take a look at the books presented. They are guaranteed to move you forward on this topic!

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