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A is for Accounting

A is for Accounting - Kids Financial Literacy

It is very important already for children to understand and learn the importance of responsibility in relation to finances. Therefore one should start with the financial education as early as possible. With this guide you get a good opportunity to give children a first basis for exactly this purpose. Children learn what money is, what it is used for and what you can do with it. This book is written in a child-friendly manner and with many very beautiful illustrations it never becomes boring to read. The structure „from A to Z“ facilitates understanding and  offers the possibility of looking up unclear terms at a later point in time.

To purchase this book now, all you have to do is click on the button below this text. You will be forwarded directly. In summary, this is a fundamental book on finance for children ages 7 and up. If you are still looking for a good book on kids financial literacy, then you should take advantage of this offer. You are doing something good for yourself and your offspring!

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Personal Finance through Everyday Stories

Personal Finance through Everyday Stories - Kids Financial Literacy

This book is another example of high quality kids financial literacy. With „Personal Finance through Everyday Stories from around the World“ you and your children will receive a wonderful guide to the themes finance and money. The author shows not only how to start generating wealth at a young age, but also how to save and invest properly. It describes what stocks and bonds are about and what they can be used for. At the same time, examples are given of how not to do it. Learn and your child from the mistakes of others and do everything right.

The structure is very child-friendly. The knowledge is conveyed by means of 10 short stories that are easy to read and have already provided a lot of fun for many children. A really good book that stands out positively from other books through its design and content. With this guide you get an excellent introduction to the world of finance and wealth accumulation at a very affordable price.

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3 Little Piggy Banks

3 Little Piggy Banks - Kids Financial Literacy

Your children are curious and wonder why gifts of money are best kept in the savings account or in the piggy bank? Do your children want to know more about finance? Are you looking for kids financial literacy with which you can give your children an understanding to this topic? „3 Little Piggy Banks“ is exactly what you are looking for! You can use this guide to teach children how to save and invest properly. How do you handle money responsibly? Is it bad if you’ve invested the money incorrectly? What does financial loss mean? These and many other questions are answered in this guide.

By the way, a 9-year-old co-wrote this book. For this reason your children will find it easier to understand and use the contents of this book. After reading „3 Little Piggy Banks“, your children will begin to actively save themselves and would rather put gifts of money in the piggy bank than buy new toys straight away. Prepare now for the future of your children and lay the foundation for future prosperity.

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How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000

How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000

Start with a small amount of money and become a millionaire? Do you think it won’t work? Then you are wrong! „How to Turn $ 100 Into $ 1,000,000“ shows you and your children how you can become a millionaire just by saving and investing wisely. This guide has a lot of helpful hints and tricks ready on how your child can achieve this goal. The book teaches you how to find your first job and slowly work your way up. How do you ask about a raise? How do you get an even better job? It is of course even better if your child later founds their own company and thus becomes their own boss.

It also teaches how to invest properly and how to use compound interest sensibly. Let yourself and your children be inspired by the strategies and concepts presented and enable your children to have a successful future. Are you curious now? Then take a look at the offer for this very good kids financial literacy-guide.

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What All Kids Should Know About…Savings and Investing

Financial EducationDid you know that about a fifth of all Americans think that just winning a lottery can make you rich? This is of course a misbelief. Anyone can get rich if you save money and then invest wisely. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that. That is also the reason why many children do not know why they should deal responsibly with the topics of saving and investing very early on. In this regard, there is simply too little kids financial literacy, but luckily this guide is available! It is a compact guide with only 42 pages.

Despite the small size, the content is still very valuable. This kids financial literacy book will educate your child financially and who knows, maybe you will learn something too? Now click on the button below this text and you will be forwarded directly to the offer.

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