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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki„Rich Dad Poor Dad“ is now more than 25 years old and has become a real classic by Robert Kiyosaki. What is this book about? The book is autobiographical and tells the story of the young Robert Kiyosaki. The author tells of his 2 fathers: a poor birth father and the wealthy father of his best friend. Both fathers had a decisive influence on how the author would deal with money later in his life. Based on his experience, the author comes to the conclusion that you don’t need a high income to get rich. You don’t always have to work for money yourself, you can also let the money work for you. Among other things, the author goes into how important financial education is for children and why this topic receives far too little attention in school. Do better! Educate yourself and your children about finance. This book has 336 pages and is cheap to buy.

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Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant

Robert KiyosakiThis book by Robert Kiyosaki is all about financial freedom. It is part of the „Rich Dad“ series. In the spirit of this book series, you will learn with this book how you can work less and still earn more. Pay less taxes and become financially free! If you have had the feeling for a long time that you should change your career and take back complete control of your finances, then this book is a must. This book is particularly suitable for readers who did not receive any financial education in school. Ultimately, this is also the reason why so many people have financial problems. With 360 pages, this book is not one of the small books. The content is still great. This is the price you should buy the book! Der Inhalt wird Sie überzeugen. Das alles erhalten Sie zu einem sehr günstigen Preis!

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Rich Dad’s Increase Your Finance IQ

Rich Dad's Increase Your Finance IQGet Smarter with your money? No problem with this book! Nowadays it is more important than ever to invest intelligently. As was already proven in 2007, investing in real estate does not make sense. At that time, many real estate lost value and many people plunged into a deep financial crisis. The same goes for stocks. You can lose or you can win. Savers also have no security with regard to their finances, because the money itself can lose value. Nowadays you have to be flexible! The good thing is that here is a handy, step-by-step guide on how to get your finances on track. „Increase Your Finance IQ“ is a very well done book from the „Rich Dad“ series that you should not miss. Take this chance and take a look at the offer now.

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Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

Robert KiyosakiYou are probably wondering what rich people are doing right and what poor people are doing wrong. It’s simple: the rich invest in the right things. The poor, on the other hand, have no luck and only invest in things that are not particularly profitable. With „Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing“ Robert Kiyosaki shows once again why he is a real expert in finance. This book shows you which basic rules you should use to invest and which investments have the highest risk. Here you will learn how to grow money, not just how to invest it safely. Become an active investor and gain financial freedom you never thought you would. As a bonus, you will receive the Rich Dad’s 10 Investor Controls from Robert Kiyosaki. With 471 pages, this book is one of the largest in the Rich Dad series. The book is very cheap. The best thing to do is to place your order right now. Who knows how long the book will be available.

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FAKE„FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets“ by Robert Kiyosaki is not a book, but a so-called audiobook. You can listen to the author or speaker in a relaxed manner and internalize the numerous valuable pieces of advice just by listening. With „FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets“, the author creates even more clarity on topics such as money and investments. He clears up a lot of untruths about finance and shows you what really matters and is important. This product is another step in taking control of your finances back. Learn how to properly decipher the daily news and use it to your advantage. What is a lie and what is truth? Implement the tips and tricks from this audiobook and your finances will soon be better!

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Robert Kiyosaki

Robert T. Kiyosaki is one of the most successful writers in the United States. One of his most successful books is „Rich Dad Poor Dad“. 14 more books followed, which were also very successful. The author’s goal is to educate people financially and to enable them to be financially free. 25 years ago he started the so-called Rich Dad movement. This movement now has thousands of interested parties in many countries around the world. Robert Kiyosaki travels the world due to his successful books and is a sought-after speaker and lecturer. If you are interested in Kiyosaki’s books, then you should definitely take a look at the featured books! Finances will get better soon!

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