Teaching Kids about Money

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Money Lessons for Kids

Teaching Kids about MoneyTeaching Kids about Money? This is no problem with this book! You can use the contents of this book to teach your children basic concepts about money. „Money Lessons for Kids“ was written by Debbie Madson, an expert in the field. The book is divided into 5 lessons. It’s about budget, taxes, everything to do with bank accounts, ATMs, and credit cards. In addition, the history of money is shown. This book has 53 pages and costs only 6.39 euros as a paperback. If you have been thinking about teaching money and the importance of finance to your children for a long time, you will definitely find success with „Money Lessons for Kids“. A very good book at a very good price!

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Smart Money Smart Kids

Teaching Kids about Money„Smart Money Smart Kids“ was written by authors Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze. Dave Ramsey has already written several books in the USA, and the radio show „The Dave Ramsey Show“ is very popular with 13 million listeners a week. Rachel Cruze is the daughter of Dave Ramsey, has authored several books and is specialized in finance. So it’s no wonder that with „Smart Money Smart Kids“ you get one of the top books in teaching kids about money. The authors start with the fundamentals of finance, including working, spending, saving, and getting into debt. Dealing with cash and a bank account is also discussed. The book consists of 251 pages filled with a lot of valuable knowledge. Here you can buy without hesitation and teach your children how to handle money responsibly!

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Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching Kids about MoneyThis book is a practical step-by-step guide to teach children about money and finance. It is very important that children learn the right money habits and are prepared for later life. The topic is treated with a lot of fun. That is why it will not be boring for the youngsters to deal with spending and managing money. There are 7 steps in the book to build a system that children can adhere to. It is best to start introducing your children to the topic as early as possible. This book is very practice-oriented and that is precisely why it is so valuable. Buy this 122-page book and you’ll be doing everything right. For a price of only 18.79 euros you get a paperback in a practical format! This offer is clearly to be recommended!

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Finance 101 for Kids

Teaching Kids about Money„Finance 101 for Kids“ is the answer to the question of how best to teach children how to manage money sustainably. After all, one of the most important lessons children must learn in life is money management. Later life is all about salary, rent, loans, and a lot more. If children learn how to deal with it as early as possible, later money management will lead to sustainable prosperity. In addition, your children will be covered for their old age. The book begins with the history of money, where it comes from and what is actually behind the term „money“. The author then explains how to make money, how to save and how to invest money. The functioning of the stock exchange and the relationship between the economy, currency and stock exchange are also explained in an age-appropriate manner. The paperback only costs 11.36 euros. In return, you will receive a 114-page book full of teaching kids about money suitable for children aged 8 to 12.

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The Everything Kids‘ Money Book

Teaching Kids about MoneyDo your children ask you more and more often what „money“ means? What do you do with money and what is a coin? Then provide them with answers! The „Everything Kids‘ Money Book“ is an easy way to give your kids the answers they want. J.D. Brette McWhorter Sember shows what coins and bank notes are, how they are made and what you can do or buy with them. The author also explains what a credit card is all about and why savings are so important. What is interest and why is there automatically more money in the bank account? This book goes beyond the piggy bank and does not leave out any important topic. The paperback costs 8.98 euros and offers you 160 pages full of „Teaching Kids about Money“. „The Everything Kids‘ Money Book“ is suitable for children aged 7 to 12 years.

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Teaching Kids about Money

Teaching kids about money is extremely important. If children learn how to deal with money at an early age, it is formative for the rest of life. Parents act as role models who also show their children how to deal with money later on. Basically, the following principle applies: if you start saving early in life, it will be a lot easier later and will achieve prosperity much more easily. Education on the subject of money and finances can be started as early as preschool age. At this age, children slowly begin to understand the meaning behind money and it is not uncommon for them to have the first piggy bank in their children’s room at this age. Are you still looking for books on „Teaching Kids about Money“? Then you should take a look at the books presented here. You are sure to find a book that suits you and your children.