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The Money Club

The Money Club: A Teenage Guide to Financial Literacy - Teenage Financial Literacy

This guide was written by the author Jasmine Brown. She is an experienced teacher and educator who has set herself the goal of educating children and young people about finance and investments. Especially since Ms. Brown is a teacher, this book for young adults is very successful. In terms of content, the book begins with assistance on the subjects of financial decisions, life before and after high school, dealing with student loans and debts in general. In addition, the reader learns what the perfect money management looks like and how everyone can prevent impulsive spending of money.

If young readers follow the tips and tricks presented, then financial future will look wonderful. As you can see, this book is very extensive. It even explains how to start a business. With 188 pages, this guide is one of the very interesting products in the field of ​​teenage financial literacy. You should buy „The Money Club“ without hesitation!

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Lily Learns about Wants and Needs

Lily Learns about Wants and Needs - Teenage Financial Literacy

This book was written by Lisa Bullard. The experienced author has already written more than 60 children’s books, including the bestseller „You Can Write A Story“. With this book, she has now set herself the goal of teaching young people the importance of money and how to deal with money. The background story of the guide is easy to tell: Lily goes shopping with her father and learns that you don’t have to buy everything you would like to have. Christine M. Schneider has ensured an appealing design.

The illustrator has given the book the finishing touches in terms of teenage financial literacy. „Lily Learns about Wants and Needs“ is suitable for children, but also for teachers or other people who work in education. This book is wonderful to work with and children put the content into practice very quickly. The bottom line is that it is a very nice and valuable book with 24 pages at an affordable price.

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The moneysmart family system

The moneysmart family system - Teenage Financial Literacy

Have you been thinking about becoming financially independent for a long time? Should your children be able to do that too? Then „The moneysmart family system“ is the ideal opportunity to implement this project. Stick to this book by Steve and Annette Economides and you will no longer be under the influence of consumption and superficiality. You will see the importance of having a healthy attitude towards money and how to best use it. Your life and the life of your children will change fundamentally. Shortly after implementing the tips and tricks in this book, you will have a lot less stress in your life, feel much less pressure to perform, but still live happier.

Avoid debt and build up financial reserves. You will see that not only your children but also you will benefit noticeably from „The moneysmart family system“. A comprehensive book with no less than 272 pages and lots of valuable content. This product gets a clear recommendation at this point. Do not miss this offer and buy this teenage financial literacy book now!

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Make money, save, spend and invest. Those few words summarize the contents of this great teenage financial literacy book. With this guide, the author Rashmi Sirdeshpande not only addresses adults, but also explicitly adolescents. No matter how you earn or want to earn your money, as an entrepreneur or as an employee, with the tips from this book you will soon be living a carefree life. The author gives hints and advice in many sectors, which are also very easy to implement. The 160-page book is easy to understand and especially young readers will be delighted.

It’s actually entertaining, and every minute of reading this book is just fun. Now if you look at the price, you will be surprised at how much book you can get for so little money. Make sure your children learn how to handle money. This book shows once again how important teenage financial literacy is for young people!

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How to Make Money in High School and College

How to Make Money in High School and CollegeAnd the last teenage financial literacy book in our comparison, How to Make Money in High School and College, shows teenagers many ways in which a healthy financial future could look. The author gives tips on how to earn money while you are in high school or college and how to invest it in the best possible way. The creation of smartphone apps, the sale of eBooks and many other part-time jobs are presented as practical examples. Given that the average student loan in the US averages a whopping $ 32,000, these considerations are more than necessary.

Do you want to ensure that your children have an advantage in later life compared to their peers? Then you should definitely get this book. The 169 pages contained are guaranteed to be devoured by your offspring! Now click on the button below this text to get to the offer. You can then buy the book there directly!

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